Wagimir Kovorski

Каждое заклинание является произведением искусства, все это собственное


“Я – сердце зимы для тех, кто в мою пользу, и презрение метели к любому, кто угрожает тем, кто находится под моим святилищем”

p. Wagimir born on the continent of Rusgoria to the parents of Jankoski Kovorski and Maridiova Kovorski. The Kovorski’s were artifact hunters for the Queen of Rusgoria, they seek out any kind of historic, magical, or unique items and artifacts for Rusgoria. The treasure they acquire is normally placed in museums unless the Queen wants them for any reason. The Kovorski’s were Scribes, Sages, Arcanists all working to learn about the arcane that resides in Items and areas around the globe. His parents were very classy and sophisticated people, enjoying fine cigars and the love for beautiful music and art, Wagimir picked up on these traditions. p. At the age of 7 Wagimir Traveled to (Insert continent name here) with his parents on exploration. There was a rumor of a rare and powerful artifact up around the mountains near the town they were staying at guarded by a Dragon. So the Kovorskis hired some strangers at a local tavern to watch there 7 year old while they went exploring. That night the town was attacked by a Black Dragon that burned every building and nearly killed all it’s citizens. Wagimir a survivor who was hiding behind a pile of rubble for 8 hours with out moving, this event caused him to lose almost all of his emotions and feelings that left a mental scar for the rest of his life. After his hiding, a silver Dragon came around to witness the destruction and passed his spot check to see the little mage hiding underneath the rubble of this once built town. The Dragon turned into her human form to comfort this scarred child until he was calm enough for her to take him. This Dragon wanted a child or an apprentice even, but knew Wagimir would be in constant danger if he lived with her. So a few days in her care, the Silver Dragon took the young magic user to an orphanage where he could live amongst people and be in a safe place. This caused a lot of emotional damage to wagimir, seeing his life almost end by a Dragon and then saved by a Dragon, which probably caused him to have very few feelings and an appearance of lacking emotions. His parents still no where to be found. p. The orphanage became Wagimir’s home and he suprisingly accepted it rather quickly.

For the first 5 years of his new life, Wagimir had no friends and very little social contact with the exception of a few instructors, professors and a study buddy who was a curious learning Dwarf. At the age of 12 he befriended a half elf who was brought in off the streets primarily because they both spoke elven. Wagimir remained an introvert for the rest of his time at the Orphanage only talking to a few poeple and stonefacing most people who try to conversate with him. (mainly because he does not fully understand common) O Yeah and he’s gay (possibly bi) But he keeps it as a secret only one person really knows for certain.

More stories soon to come

Wagimir Kovorski

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