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“Where I am from and who I am don’t matter to me, so it shouldn’t matter to you either.”

Alwyn does his best to forget his past. The dire wolf that kidnapped him from his people, the hunters who slayed it and took him to their walled homes and passed him to a place for cast off children. His people had no cast off children. It was a learning experience for Alwyn. One that wasn’t easy. However he did what he was asked and kept his head down. He made friends whom he loved. They are his compatriots now. And he defended them, in a fit of youthful rage, and injured another orphan grievously.

Now his friends keep his secret and he keeps theirs. They are everything to him. He will kill for them, he has already proven that, although that was a mistake. One he hopes not do repeat. Not out of anger. But then his anger just goes and get the best of him again. They say it’s in the blood of his people. He cannot deny it overtakes him in battle. His blood runs hot and his heart hotter.


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